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Indofarm Agro Products

Indofarm Agro Products is a Agro based company established in the year 2001, engaged in Manufacturing and Exporting of Complete Plant Nutrition and Protection Products such as

Amino Acids Chelates, EDTA Chelates, Micronutrient Fertilizers, Organic Micronutrients, Organic Fertilizers, Humic Acid Series, Water Soluble Fertilizers, Natural Bio Stimulants, Spray Adjuvants, Plant Growth Regulators, Soil and Water Conditioners, Bio Pesticides with certain Crop Specific Fertilizers too with ultramodern eco technology.

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Indofarm Agro Products

To remain customers driven company delight customers with state-of-the-art products and On Farm Consulting service , and thus be a Market Leader Complete Plant Nutrition company.

Farmer is the pivotal point in Indofarm Agro Products. We like to delight our customers with world-class products. We understand the nutrition demand of next generation GM crops , specially developed to fuifill the increasing food need of world .Our every effort is in the direction of creating an enterprise to fulfill all the nutrition needs of these crops .so also to provide eco friendly plant protection measures in our pursuit to be a Market Leader we bank on Quality at each Point of Manufacturing , and Marketing too. Professional team of well- qualified people dedicated towords common goal,a network of Loyal Dealer,s are our assets to achieve our Goal of being a Market Leader.

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Our emphasis is on quality: quality of products, quality of service, quality of advice, all at reasonable prices.

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Indofarm agro products mission is to offer chemical and biological solutions, which are innovative for the health of crops with full respect for the environment and and for users and consumers of agricultural products.
At the hearth of our strategic and innovative projects, are Farmers and Farms with their need to satisfy the food chain with high quality products. Our ambition is to guarantee food safety by exploiting the planet’s resources sustainably: a larger production in a better way.

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Indofarm group over the years has been successful in bringing new products into the market. Our R&D team has been working on discovery of new products that would lead to customer satisfaction and ultimately our mission

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